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Oct 23, 2014
NOVEMBER 11TH, 2014 --- URGENT!!!  URGENT!!   Everyone --- it is almost Mid November and the Pre-Registration need to happen within the next three(3) weeks by the END of November.  If we do not get the NUMBERS for the GUARANTEED RESERVATION for finalizing the Banquet Facility - we WILL HAVE TO CANCEL THIS ANNUAL PRESENTATION. PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. A I said last year we cannot afford to keep risking this every year - you need to be part of this event - from inception to the final event. Hope you start making those reservations by eTransfer --- SEE below or above AD for the details.   Praim   ---------------------------------------------------   Hello! Everyone After a long season - I hope all of you are unwinding and spending quality time with family and friends. It is that time again where we have made all of the necessary arrangements to have you spend an evenning to reminise, acknowledge and celebrate the individual and team successes and awards of those who have excelled in this seasons competitions. As you recall - my message to you last year was that we need you this year to PRE-REGISTER and pay the dues by eTransfer (same email address) as early as possible - and definitely by the Date reflected on the main posting. Please notify Jas, Rumi, Gokul and myself after having done so. It is critical that we have your reservations as we had to PREBOOK a given number of seats / plates for the event and cannot take any chances - we CANNOT wait until one or two weeks prior to the event to finalize these arrangements. It is time for you to support not only your club and players (the winners) but for all of you to support your fellow cricketers, the league and your awards - to maintain the tradition that the BEDCL Awards have established to date. We will like to continue to bring you this event - as long as you step forward and be counted and demonstrate both your committment and support for this initiative now and going forward.   Turnout for a great evenning - bing your family and friends as well - make it a special evenning not only for the yourselves (Cricketers)  but for all within your personal & social circles. Please start making your Pre-Reservations NOW NOT LATER.   Respectfully, Praim on behalf of the BOARD.
Oct 23, 2014
Launch of A Special Masters League / Division:   Hello! Everyone In the past two to three years I have been approached by various members and clubs with the propostion of creating a special Masters Division within the league. Well it is time to give this an honest attempt to see if we can indeed create an opportunity for the older cricketers who still want to play but not at the standards that are demanded by the regular league competition standards & rules. This can be a competition for the Over 45 or 50 years old cricketers who are interested. It will have to be initiated with a minimum of five teams playing in the afternoon (35 Overs for example) with a a minimum of 8 to 10 games per season (all subject to discussions base on the response received). If you are serious and want to be part of this - then please do the following: -     Some one take charge and be the point person for your team or group -     Collect the information of those that are interested and committed to do ths -     Create a Team if you can or just submit the Names of the Players (Group) you have collected -     This can be teams / players not only from BEDCL but from any other league (preferably CCO Affiliated) -     It can also be open to special social groups who uauslly want to play cricket for fun and socializing Once you have these - and the submissions are made - then we can take the nest serious steps in getting this fully organized and planned for the 2015 season. I will be working with this idea with TDCA, HDCL and other affiliated CCO leagues - which can enable competitions on shared facilities. Okay guys - I have taken up the challenge - so now it is upto you guys out there who have repeatedly approached me to get this started. Looking forward to your responses. Please send all communications to myself - all info is on the website. Praim
Oct 22, 2014
Wishing all of our Hindu members, family and firends a very Happy Diwali. Enjoy this very special time and may you be blessed a healthy, wealth, prosperity & a successful life.   BEDCL Board
Aug 01, 2014
Please note that defaulting a game has serious consequences as defined in the League's Bylaws. Simply calling in and notifying the league is not an excuse for defaulting a game - and will carry the same consequences. This results in too many administrative overloads and also affects the other members teams - as we may have to reschedule to take advantage of the ground or grounds that became free. This is not encouraged or considered as acceptable by the league.   Please be aware of these bylawys - in the event that you are penalized accordingly - do not then claim ignorance to and of the rules that hav ebeen in existance.  Please refer to the ByLaws http://www.edcl.net/images/block/documents/BEDCL-Bylaws-v12.3.pdf.    Each team was accepted based on the Minimum Number of players required for admission and with the knowledge that you will have to play when & where scheduled. In addition - we have requested that you ALWAYS keep an eye out for schedule changes as they may occure for various reason.   Your understanding and assistance is appreciated.   Praim 
Jul 28, 2014
Mar 12, 2014
CHANGES TO FEE STRUCTURE:   IMPORTANT - FULL/BALANCE PAYMENT DUE BY MARCH 30, 2014 The fees for 2014 season onwards have been revamped as below: 50-overs format: >> Elite = $2100 >> Premier = $2000 >> Division-1 = $2000 >> Division-2 = $1900 >> Division-3 = $1800 >> Division-4 = $1600 One time admin fees for 50-over teams: >> New club = $500 >> Additional team for existing club = $250 T25 Morning format: >> Division-1 = $1300 >> Division-2 = $1300 >> Division-3 = $1300 >> Division-4 = $1300 >> Division-5 = $1200 >> Division-6 = $1200 One time admin fees for T25 morning teams: >> New club = $250 >> Additional team for existing club = $125   Umpire fees: Two umpires 50-overs format: Level-3 umpire = $110 Level-2 and below = $100 One umpire in 50-over game (Elite/Premier/Division-1): Level-3 = $70 each team Level-2 and below = $60 each team One umpire in 50-over game (Division-2/Division-3/Division-4): Level-3 = $65 each team Level-2 and below = $55 each team Morning game: One umpire = $35 each team  
Level: Local, Round: Preliminary,