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Aug 07, 2014
BEDCL wins game one and moves on to the finals with TDCA on August 9th, 2014 at Centennial A. Game starts at 12:30 PM sharp. Game 1: BEDCL 260 for 10 off of 47.3 Overs. HDCL 140 all out in their chase of the massive total set by BEDCL. We won the Toss and choose to bat. The boys got off to a blazing start and kept the momentum going all the way through the innings that saws ome brilliant batting form our openers all the way to the final pair. Please check the CricHQ Scorecard for the individual performance of each team. They followed this batting display with some awesome spells of pace and medium pace bowling that restricted the HDCL batsmen from getting into any special partnerships or momentum - as they kept taking wickets at regular interval.   HDCL had three(3) very good spinners who were a treat to watch and created some degree of concers to our batsmen- as well as accounting for a good share of the wickets.   It was a very well played game that brought out the best in both side.   Next stop - TDCA - please wish the team good luck as they move forward in teh competition.   Praim
Aug 01, 2014
Please note that defaulting a game has serious consequences as defined in the League's Bylaws. Simply calling in and notifying the league is not an excuse for defaulting a game - and will carry the same consequences. This results in too many administrative overloads and also affects the other members teams - as we may have to reschedule to take advantage of the ground or grounds that became free. This is not encouraged or considered as acceptable by the league.   Please be aware of these bylawys - in the event that you are penalized accordingly - do not then claim ignorance to and of the rules that hav ebeen in existance.  Please refer to the ByLaws    Each team was accepted based on the Minimum Number of players required for admission and with the knowledge that you will have to play when & where scheduled. In addition - we have requested that you ALWAYS keep an eye out for schedule changes as they may occure for various reason.   Your understanding and assistance is appreciated.   Praim 
Jul 31, 2014
Game One:  BEDCL vs HDCL - Centennial A Saturdat August 2nd, 2014 Game Two:   Winner Game 1 vs TDCA  August 9th, 2014 - Venue to be announced Game Three:  Loser Game 1 vs CCAT August 16th, 2014 - Venue to be announced Please come out and support your local league and players.   These games will be attended  and observed by CCO Executives and Coach - for special player performances.
Jul 28, 2014
Jul 24, 2014
Trials for the BEDCL team for the CCO Interleague tournament will be held at Centennial ground on July 29/30/31. There will be open trials to select the best possible talent. The trials start at 6pm. All prospective players are requested to be there at least 15 minutes before 6pm. Caveat: BEDCL must be the primary league of the player to be eligible for selection.
Jun 26, 2014
50 OVER FORMAT:  To all clubs - if you have any players with oustanding stats from last season as well as this season to date - please submit the  player(s) name & League ID Number- along with his stats. We need to assemble the bEST BEDCL Team for the Inter League competition that will be held on August 2nd and 9th, 2014.   T20 Format: To all of the morning teams - we need your submission of the best skilled players based on last season's and current season's to date stats. Please submit the player(s) Name & League ID Number along with the stats that you think warrants his consideration.   All submissions must be made to Rumi, Praim & Gokul (copy all three).   UMPIRES:    IF you are aware of any special talents in either format - please make sure that we are aware of these players. Submit to the Arsalan and the 3 board members referenced above.   The Selection committe will review all submissions plus identify all qualified players for both formats. We need these as soon as possible.   As previously explained - this is the opportunity of getting the deserving players recognition for possible provincial considerations and further advancement.   I am expecting your response and corporation in getting the best availabel players to represent BEDCL   Praim
Mar 12, 2014
CHANGES TO FEE STRUCTURE:   IMPORTANT - FULL/BALANCE PAYMENT DUE BY MARCH 30, 2014 The fees for 2014 season onwards have been revamped as below: 50-overs format: >> Elite = $2100 >> Premier = $2000 >> Division-1 = $2000 >> Division-2 = $1900 >> Division-3 = $1800 >> Division-4 = $1600 One time admin fees for 50-over teams: >> New club = $500 >> Additional team for existing club = $250 T25 Morning format: >> Division-1 = $1300 >> Division-2 = $1300 >> Division-3 = $1300 >> Division-4 = $1300 >> Division-5 = $1200 >> Division-6 = $1200 One time admin fees for T25 morning teams: >> New club = $250 >> Additional team for existing club = $125   Umpire fees: Two umpires 50-overs format: Level-3 umpire = $110 Level-2 and below = $100 One umpire in 50-over game (Elite/Premier/Division-1): Level-3 = $70 each team Level-2 and below = $60 each team One umpire in 50-over game (Division-2/Division-3/Division-4): Level-3 = $65 each team Level-2 and below = $55 each team Morning game: One umpire = $35 each team  
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